ANALI PAZU 1/ 2011/ 1

                                                        September 2011
                                                 Volume 1, Number 1
                                                              pages 1-111
                                                    p-ISSN 2232-416X



Mitja Slavinec

  Natural sciences

Melita Hajdinjak
L-relacijska algebra
L-relational algebra
Cavitons - new fenomenon in the Earth´s foreshock
Electrochemically wired cathode titanates for Li-ion batteries
Spatial analysis and modeling of distribution pattern of wet meadows (Molinion caeruleae Koch 1926) in Goričko
Distribution patterns of the invasive species Robinia pseudacacia in  NE Slovenia)
The dynamics of quality growth in plums
  Engineering sciences and technologies

Diana Gregor Svetec et al.
Posebne vrste grafičnih papirjev
Special types of graphic papers
Cartesian and Baconian Approach in Science and Engineering
Rebeka Rudolf et al.
Aunano-delci in njihova uporaba
Au-nano particles and their application
Speech Recognition in the Broadcast News Domain
  Medical sciences

Stereological analysis of capillaries in thick slice of skeletal muscle
Quantitative fluorescent polimerase chain reaction (QF-PCR) as an alternative test for rapid prenatal genetic testing
Zaznavanje zdravja in družbeni razredi v Sloveniji: ali obstaja povezava?
Adjuvant hormonal therapy significantly improved outcome in patients with hormonal receptor positive inflammatory breast cancer
  Biotehnical sciences

Environmentally friendly glued laminated timber
  Social sciences

Mediation, a Form of Alternative Individual Labour Dispute Resolution
The Labour of Foreigners and Immigration in Slovenia
Legal position of management in Republic of Slovenia

Cvetka Hadžet Tóth
Življenje-razkošje bivanja
Life – Luxury of Existence